The creation of the sand animation video

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Sand animation video is one of the most unique possibilities of lightning up any occasion, truly immersing each and everyone into the sand story, evoking the warmest emotions and memories.

The production of a sand animation video is a complex and laborious process. Together with our individual and corporate clients we create their sand story based on provided information and photo materials. Our outstanding sand artists involve special painting techniques and add enhancing elements such as client’s preferred music and mesmerizing light effects.

As a result you receive a high resolution video, which can be played for your guests on a projector, posted on social media channels or company’s website, or used for any other suitable purposes.

The uniqueness of each sand animation

The sand animation video is created according to each client’s individual story, having as a foundation various materials such as  personal photos, customer’s music preferences, life stories and special memories. With the sand animation video we are getting acquainted with someone’s life or company’s history in the most extraordinary and magical way!

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