Sand videos

A birthday, corporate or wedding gift, a declaration of love, an advertising campaign, a music clip, a Christmas celebration, a corporate party and many other events can be transferred into a creative story, a story made of sand, music and lights.

A sand animation video is one of the most unique possibilities for lightning up any occasion, truly immersing each and everyone into the story of the event, evoking the warmest emotions and memories.

The production of a sand animation video is a complex and laborious process. Together with our individual and corporate clients we create their sand story, based on provided information and photos, and present the first sketches. Our outstanding sand artists involve special painting techniques and add enhancing elements as preferred music and lightning effects.

Depending on the subject and the length of the desired sand video, we devote from 3 days to up to couple of months for the production of the masterpiece, which will become a genuine heritage for each family and organization.

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