Sand Artists

At the Sand-Art creative agency, the focus is on the sand artists. We work with selected and award-winning sand artists. With a degree in art, they have a sense of perfection and an eye for detail. The resulting pictures, compositions and scenes bloom under their hands and the story told impressively comes to life. The level of our artists, who master sand painting masterfully, has brought the Sand-Art creative agency to number 1 in the industry.

Our sand artists can be booked for all types of private celebrations. Whether for a birthday, wedding or other private occasion, they accompany our customers through the entire development process. You push the sand with elegant hand movements and transform it skillfully into magical images that tell an individual sand story and invite you to dream. Our artists create custom sand painting videos that are suitable for any occasion. You can also tell your story right in front of the audience and enchant everyone in attendance.
The sand artists also ensure first-class entertainment at company celebrations. You can perform on the company anniversary or another company event, where you stand on the stage and tell the story with background music. With sand painting, important stages of the company or the history of the company are shown in an amazing way. Our artists also create personalized company videos accompanied by music, which are presented as a highlight at the event and cast a spell over the guests.

Sand painting is a unique mixture of art, music and theater and, due to its characteristics, can also be presented in show format. In the full-fledged show, our sand artists appear on stage and take the audience on an unforgettable journey by performing the most popular fairy tales and the most exciting stories. The amazing performance is accompanied by music that breathes even more life into the story. The images come to life through the nimble fingers of the artists and allow the audience to participate in a fascinating and spectacular sand show that offers an unforgettable event.

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