Sand animation for a corporate party

Sand animation for corporate events

Are you looking for the ways to excite the guests at your next corporate celebration? Consider one of the most popular and artistic ways of enriching the evening program of any event. The sand animation allows to recreate company stories, brand attributes  and roadmaps into an exciting animated movie. Offering a completely personalized end result, the sand animation is guaranteed to delight guests and viewers.

The sand animation live show is one of the most favorite ways of incorporating this refine form of art into the entertainment program of any company celebration.


What are the benefits of sand animation for corporate events?

Sand animation requires not only impressive color vision, aesthetic aptitude and attention to details, but also the capacity to  masterly  and precisely manage such material as sand and combine various techniques for creating  festive atmosphere. 

Sand animation has some particular advantages: 

  • Harmoniously changing painted images making literally any theme come to life thanks to impressive music and light effects as well
  • Being popular, but still unusual, the sand animation each time surprises  and captivates viewers during any kind of events
  • Offering a totally unique and personalized form of art, since any kind of theme can be transmitted into a sand animation movie, live show or a painting
  • A sand animation video is very versatile and can be used for various purposes such as projected during an evening on a screen, placed on the official website or social media channels, or become the most unforgettable gift to a business partner
  • The interactivity of the show, as all guests can create their own sand masterpieces and get fascinated from the entire process

What is the optimal duration of a sand animation video? 

The optimal length for a video can be anywhere between  6 to 15 minutes. A storyline should not be too long, but impactful, stressing out the company’s highlights and  the most important subjects.

The cost varies depending on the duration and the number of portraits transmitted into a sand animation video. You can see some examples of corporate promotional videos.