Sand animation for birthday

sand animation for a birthday

Sandanimation for a birthday as a part of the entertainment program for the guests or as a birthday present for the birthday kid has been proven by all our clients as the most beautiful highlight of the event as well as the most unforgettable and valuable present ever made.

Sandanimation birthday video, sand animation live show or sand animation live streaming became popular and admired means of making any birthday celebration the most touching and soulful one.


Which forms of sand animation exist for a birthday?

Depending on your  geographical location, personal preferences and the size of the celebration, we find the most suitable form of  the sand animation for your future birthday event.

We create sand animation birthday videos, organize sand animation birthday shows or offer sand animation live stream during an event. Let’s go through each form.

  • The sand animation birthday video may become an amazing birthday gift to the founder of the company,  to the birthday of the newborn child of your friend or as an unexpected  surprise to the birthday of your siblings.  Why? Because we collect together with you the most memorable moments of their lives into the sand animation story, becoming a real part of the personal patrimony. 

  • The sand animation live show is probably the most renowned way of celebration of  landmark dates as the 18th birthday with the entrance into the full adulthood, the 30th birthday with the feeling of being already settled down, the 40th birthday with the choice of staying forever young or the 60th birthday with the willingness of new adventures. These are exactly those ages when we want to organize a memorable event for the  birthday celebration or to offer an incredible gift to the birthday person. Sand animation live show for the birthday with the presence of our exceptional sand artists will perfectly fit into the celebration, leaving each and everyone emotionally fulfilled with positive and sweet memories.

  • The sand animation live streaming is an impeccable solution for those who are willing to organize an intimate birthday party with a circle of the closest friends and family members. During such cozy birthday celebrations we are streaming the sand show in real-time from our studio, which creates deeply emotional and sentimental feelings, warming up each heart and soul.  Guests from all over the world can connect online to the sand animation show and enjoy the highlight of your birthday celebration. The sand animation live streaming may also become your next perfect birthday gift, simply think of its impact on the birthday person.