The sand animation live show

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Initially discovered at the show «Super Talent», the sand animation live show already conquered hearts and souls of millions. Since several years the creative agency Sand Art makes this unique form of art accessible. Everyone can order its personalized sand masterpiece, performed on the highest artistic level during any type of event. 

The sand animation show is undoubtedly one of the most authentic experiences, fulfilling our emotions, inner souls and awaking passion. The show creates a veritable connection among all guests, who are embracing every part of the story drawn by light and skillful movements of hands of our sand artists.

The uniqueness of each sandanimation live show

The sand animation live show is created according to each client’s individual story, having as a foundation various materials such as personal photos, customer’s music preferences, life stories and special memories. With the sand animation live show we are getting acquainted with someone’s life or company’s history in the most extraordinary and magical way!

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