Team event ideas in 2022


Do you agree, that the best work-related ideas come actually when we are outside of the office building? We do not only agree with this, but we strongly encourage you to use the opportunity to unite with you team outside the work. It is a great way of fostering a rich company culture and increasing the productivity.

A team event is an incredible source for inspiring each other, bringing out creativity, encouraging  open communication and increasing trust.  A  well-prepared corporate event can not only be held within your company, but also  be used as an idea to animate your clients. What an amazing and creative way of connecting with a key account or with a trusted partner!

There are endless amazing ideas that you can implement throughout the year and create out of it a real fun experience. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Culture and entertainment

  • Do you believe in ‘Mozart Effect’ and when was the last time you visited your local Philharmonie to enjoy classic music? Perhaps this is a great opportunity to consider this as an idea for your next team event in 2022. Listening to classic music is an extraordinary experience, empowering  us for being the best versions of ourselves and filling in all team members with emotions and positive feelings.
  • An idea of picturing the portraits of all team members, their favorite hobbies, characters into a sand animation video and projecting this movie during an evening after work. It would become probably the most surprising and emotional gift, allowing the team to feel valued for their individuality and to create a caring  corporate culture.
  • A movie night-out with the team to check the new sensational blockbuster is a great way of having some fun time together, while keeping the most interesting part of discussing the characters and theirs actions right after the movie.

Sports and active lifestyle

  • A picturesque spot in nature for an inspiring hiking or trail activity with the team will vitalize and provide not only health benefits, but also mental reset from the everyday stress. Checking out together the wildlife, admiring beautiful views and getting inspired for another creative project. Someone told that everything we as humans  have  ever created was inspired by the nature around us.
  • A Segway tour together  with the team to discover the city on two wheels. Create an interesting and exciting  itinerary where you could enjoy the city with a different perspective and by using an unusual means of transport.
  • As an idea for a team event in summer  2022 you could consider a stand up paddling with the team, helping you out with balancing not only your body, but also your thoughts.
  • A bowling session is always a great team event idea to keep it fun, simple and to energize the mood and the spirit. Old but gold!

Gastronomic pleasures

  • A Christmas baking class during the pre-Chrsitmas time in 2022 is a great idea of creating warm, fun but also a joyfully competitive environment in the team. Whose cookie is the most creative, but also tastes the best? A strict jury consisted of colleague’s children could decide this and choose the winner.
  • An international team has so much to offer. Organizing a day when the team members can prepare and present their favorite national dish is such a meaningful team event idea. Exchanging receipts, enjoying traditional tastes and flavors, a great time is guaranteed.
  • Creating a delightful and exceptional experience by inviting the team into the Michelin restaurant of the town. This idea will not let anyone indifferent, as we all love to experience high cuisine from time to time.
  • For all wine lovers. Becoming a wine expert during a virtual wine-testing team event is curious, amusing and at the same time tasty team event idea

Playing and winning

  • A casino evening to let everyone live the Las Vegas experience. Let your team members enjoy an adventurous evening of winning virtual coins and experiencing exciting feelings while playing another roulette round.
  • Table games as Monopoly reveal so much personality. Is your colleague a team-player, or perhaps is caught while cheating or showed an openness to negotiate? There are many questions you can answer and learn about your colleagues during such fun game. Definitely consider this is a fun team event idea for 2022.
  • Quiz-evening and getting the prize for reaching the best score. Organizing a quiz game around a particular subject could be a great idea of letting team members reflect, think outside the box and at the same time keep the spirit up for winning the main prize.

There are so many other possibilities and amazing team event ideas you could implement in 2022. Keep in mind, that it is important to organize those on regular basis, because a one-time event can be fast simply forgotten and it’s positive effects can not endlessly boost the positivity. So we need to regularly  benefit from various daily  or weekly activities, as well as create interesting routines at the company to nurture a great corporate culture. At the end this time and financial investment will bring significant returns, because happy employee means happy customers, more creative ideas, meeting deadlines, staying motivated and making the company an attractive place to work for new talents.