Wedding trends 2022
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We expect a year full of surprises, and you? The craziness and the uncertainty of the past 2 years prepared us for probably the biggest wedding year ever. 2022 is estimated by the majority of wedding planners and agencies as the most promising one, as we can finally start celebrating and step into a joyful festive period. So what wedding trends to expect in 2022? We collected few of most popular and interesting wedding trends of 2022.


Starting from ‘Save the Date’ messages and the communication with guests on wedding details, in 2022 we will continue the process of adapting to virtual realms. Why? Firstly, over the past 2 years we learnt how reactivity and fast decision making is important. Secondly, the question of sustainability plays an even bigger role in our lives. With so many available online tools, we can create the most fashionable and attractive wedding invitations. Moreover we save on printing and mailing costs. Thus these are some simple reasons why digitalization is a trend in 2022.

Love story or a themed party

What to choose: «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» or «James Bond 007»? And this is exactly when the couple starts arguing :).

Thinking of the entirely new concept, a theme around the favorite hollywood movie, a travel destination or also the story of love of newlyweds is a very popular and beloved trend in 2022. The newlyweds want to create that unforgettable, fun and emotional experience for their guests. This is exactly why sand animation live show during weddings is a popular wedding trend in 2022. The sand animation is still a fairly new form, however no one car resist the beauty of the live performance with music, light and organically changing images. The sand animation live show can be completely personalized with any story of choice and create that magical feeling in the air. It is by far the most rapidly growing and unique wedding entertaining show ideas.

More nature

Lockdown is guilty. As 2022 wedding trend, couples are eager to spend more time outside, celebrate their wedding in iconic places in nature with breathtaking views and the feeling of immersing with nature. While at the same time the interior decoration of a closed wedding venue becomes an exotic or a floral garden. The past couple of years made us appreciate even more our mother nature, get inspired by its beauty and incorporate it into our private celebrations.

Non traditional wedding clothing

2022 will surprise with its bold, flashy colors and a mix of traditional with modern and fun accents. Whether it is for the second look or as a main one, brides no longer want to wear classic diamond tiaras, or traditional wedding dresses. The 2022 tendency is a mini-dress, a bridal suite, a combination of many styles, a balance between mass-market and premium brands. We eager to experience more liberty and creativity in the new year, leaving in the past old-fashioned stereotypes.

Moreover a continued shift to sustainable and ecologically — friendly designs is another important trend of this year. Such wedding clothes are multifunctional, can be transformed after the ceremony onto a new piece and therefore give a new post-wedding life.

In conclusion, we would like to point out on one of the most important tendencies the past years touch us, and it’s self-care. Self-care is practiced in every stage from wedding preparation to the celebration day itself. Newlyweds want to enjoy the process and experience a truly magical, intimate wedding day, without rush and willingness of surprising guests with a kaleidoscope of various performances. This is another reason why so many couples chose the sand animation live show for their weddings in 2022. So we invite you to enjoy a collection of our realized sand animation projects and get inspired for transferring your love story into your wedding’s celebration.