During which occasions to order a sand animation?


With the existence of various forms of sand animation, the possibilities for applying it in private, corporate or public lives are limitless. However there are some events that became truly popular among our customers for celebrating them a form of sand animation,so let’s go through each of it.

Sand animation for a wedding

Truly the most exciting way of organizing a perfect wedding. With the presence of our sand artist during the wedding evening, all guests can enjoy the life performance and keep the warmest memories of the event.  Sand animation video became as well an amazing gift idea for the newlyweds, where our award-winning sand artists transmit into a sand story the entire journey of the couple from proposing moment until the wedding day.

Sand animation for a birthday

Sand animation video became one of the most popular birthday gift ideas, and this is why it is so. We realize how time flies and how fast every year this special day approaches. We want to keep warm memories  about the happiest and the most important moments of life. A sand animation made possible transmitting these real events into a sand animation. Thus it becomes a veritable story of life, uniting the precious moments into an entire sand movie.

Sand animation for a corporate event

There are endless occasions when a sand animation can be used in a corporate life. A sand animation video, a live sand show  and a live streaming became today one of the most favorite ways of organizing the company’s anniversary,  or being as a part of a team-building event, as a corporate gift to a dear business partner or as an entertainment show during a congress. The ideas are endless!

Sand animation as a promotional video

How to catch an attention of end-customers to your products? This is one of the biggest challenges the companies are facing today. There are numerous ways of creating marketing and promotional videos. The sand animation promotional video is one of the most exquisite and exceptional ways of presenting and promoting products today, telling the mission of the company and creatively communicating with consumers. Remember, each marketing idea and story can be transferred into a sand animation video.

Sand animation for a public event

With the sand animation we create delightful and festive sand stories for all kind of public events or holidays, as Easter, New Year celebration, carnivals and more. Whether it is a live sand show on a scene or as a live stream, we enjoy each time sharing the sand masterpiece with a large audience and making the festive mood  of each person even more special.

Sand animation for Christmas

Christmas is by far one of the most favorite family and public holiday of children and adults. We feel the magic in the air,  we rewatch our favorite Christmas movies, we smell tangerine and think of presents for our beloved ones and colleagues. Sand animation live show is an amazing entertainment program for guests  during a Christmas celebration, at the same time a sand animation video became a popular  and very exceptional Christmas gift.

Sand animation for virtual events

Today digital conferences, meetings,workshops,webinars and other events are exactly those occasions when we want to offer a unique experience and delight the participants. Sand animation makes it possible by allowing to perfectly combine the business part of the virtual event with its entertaining and probably the most awaited moment by all participants!