Creative wedding gift ideas


Considered to be one of the happiest events in life, wedding day is the most special for newlyweds, their families and friends. Some primary questions we ask ourselves are Where, When and How to organize the wedding to make it the most memorable possible. The choice of a unique wedding gift makes another very important and challenging part of decisions that should be made by guests and newlyweds. So, let’s go through our selection of 5 incredibly creative and fascinating gift ideas for a wedding, that will always be remembered and will unlikely be repeated by anyone else.

Plot on the moon or stars named after the newlyweds

We admire the mystery and the beauty of the universe at such level that everything there seems so unreachable. Owning a celestial object, sounds crazy, right? However today it is a real possibility and is an incredible gift  idea you can ever think of. Perhaps owning acres on the moon or naming  stars after the newlyweds do not have yet any practical value, but  both offer exciting and memorable emotions, so its worth considering them for such a special event as a wedding.  The title of the most creative gift is guaranteed.

Sand animation love story

With the help of sand animation our experienced and talented sand artists bring to life  in the most magical way the love story of the newlyweds. The touching  and emotional story with the portraits and scenes from  lives of the newlyweds will stay forever in hearts and warm memories. It can be a gift from parents, close friends, relatives or one of the newlyweds. To view  some video works of this unique and magical art, visit our YouTube channel. Unforgettable emotions are assured both for the newlyweds and for the guests of the wedding celebration!

Sound wave art

What does a person’s voice look like? A sound wave art represents today a rare, modern and very unique gift idea for weddings. After recording wedding vows of the newlyweds, the experts professionally translate the sound waves into a graphic image, that becomes a piece of  personalized modern art.  Any kind of sound can be recorded and transmitted into a painting, for instance a fragment of a favorite song, a declaration of love, a poem or a vow of the newlyweds. The painting will perfectly fit in any interior and will remind of one of the happiest days in life of the newlyweds.

Hot air ballooning

Enjoying romantic adventure ride during one of the most happiest days in life  together. The atmosphere in such trips is filled with  much love, joy and excitement. The newlyweds can enjoy picturesque landscapes and dream together of their future adventures in their family life. This may become an amazing gift  idea of the groom to his bride.

Family crest

Since many centuries family crests represent an important symbol defining the status, traditions and the the history of a particular family. It represents the sense of identity and pride of belonging to a family, and is a powerful and very symbolic gift idea.  A family crest is a unique opportunity to unite all family members and generations on a strong spiritual level. Today the tradition of offering a family crest to the newlyweds by their parents is becoming popular and highly demanded ones.

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We hope that you could find some unique and rare gift ideas for a next wedding celebration. With these pretty unique solutions you will definitely be able to surprise and please your beloved once on one of the happiest  and most important days in life.