Sand Animation

7 years on stage

Show duration

10 - 20 minutes

Professional artists

Portrait likeness

Perfectly matched

music and light

Sand animation for any events

What is a sand animation?

A sand animation is one the highest forms of art combining visual, musical, technical and artistic elements for achieving the most unforgettably magical experiences.
Additionally we use a background music, light effects and other technologies for bringing to live and giving soul to each created sand animation masterpiece.

During which occasions to order a sand animation?

With the existence of various forms of sand animation, the possibilities for applying it in private, corporate or public lives are limitless. However there are some events that became truly popular among our customers for celebrating  them  a form of sand animation, so let’s go through each of it.

Who are our sand artists?

The award-winning artists of the Sand-Art creative agency have more than 10 years of sand animation experience. Together with the manager of the agency, the sand artists work detail and result-oriented, exceeding customer’s expectations and making their dreams come true!

Live performance

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Sand animation in 2022

In 2022 we looked back and thought about those wonderful projects we could realize over the last years together with our dream team and clients. The website contains only a small fraction of what we have created. You can check out some of the amazing works of our sand artists in the sections
Sand animation video’ and ‘Sand paintings’.

Show participants America's Got Talent

We create individual sand animation videos for private and corporate customers. Based on our customer’s story, the videos are accompanied by music, and a detailed portrait of every customer is incorporated into the personalized sand painting story.

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